ABORDimmo, 44, Rue de Villabé, St. Sauveur de Givre en Mai, 79300 BRESSUIRE

Tél : 05 49 80 31 59   UK Free-phone 0800 520 0239.

Transactions sur immeubles et fonds de commerce. Carte Prof no 301T Délivrée par la Préfecture de Niort

Garantie Financière : QBE France 10-12 Place Vendôme – Paris


ABORDimmo is an Internet based French estate agency. We believe in using the power of the Internet to promote our properties. Our office window is our website.

Created in 2010 by Adrian SIMMONDS, who has over 40 years of Estate Agency experience in the UK and for the last 15 years in France. We are based is the north Deux Sèvres (Department 79) near to the town of Bressuire, since 2015 we have added several new agents to our team and will be looking to expand our coverage as we find people of the right quality and motivation.

All of our team have lived and worked in France for many years.

    * We provide full Estate Agency Services;

    * Accompanied Viewing's to all our properties;

    * Advice on all aspects of the house buying process in plain English;

    * We have Mortgage and Insurance connections in the area that will         provide competitive quotes;

    * We know English-speaking tradesmen in the area;

    * We provide you with a bi-lingual “Compromis de Vente” (Sales              contract);

    * We liaise with the Notaire through to the completion of the        transaction;

    * We will register you with the water and electricity utilities and if       required help you open a local bank account.

We currently recruiting Agents in other areas of Western France. For the latest information of the areas that we cover click on our Areas Covered page

We are members of one of the leading professional bodies in France the SNPI

If you have any questions about property in France please feel free to contact us we will always do our best to help. You can mail a question of comment to us on our Contact Us page