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The process of buying a house in France is relatively simple especially when using the services of a professional Estate Agent.

Firstly of course one has to find a property; this is often our first point of contact. ABORDimmo offer a selection of properties that have each been visited by one of our advisors. We provide realistic details to help you decide whether to visit.

It is our policy to give an honest appraisal and description. We know that visitors from overseas especially are on a time-limited schedule and we do not want to waste your time or ours.

When you find a property with ABORDimmo we will negotiate the price and what is included in the sale. We will then draw up an “Offre d’achat” (offer to buy), which is signed by all parties. This holds the property for you whilst the “Compromis de vente” is drawn up.

Before you sign the Compromis the vendor has to supply the buyers with specialist reports about the property. Depending on the age and type of property these will include reports on any Parasites, Asbestos and lead. Drainage, gas and electricity reports may also be required.

With these reports the “Compromis can be signed”. Once signed it is immediately binding on the vendor. A non-professional buyer has “7 days of reflection”. A letter is sent to he buyer by recorded delivery. If the buyer does not exercise his right to cancel the contract then it then becomes binding on both parties.

It is normal that the buyer sends a deposit of 10% of the purchase price of the property to the Notaire, who will hold the amount as stakeholder.

When the Notaire has completed the legal paperwork he will ask the agent to arrange a completion date. At this stage the balance of the monies are transferred to the Notaire.

On completion day all parties meet at the Notaire’s office. The Notaire will go through the “Acte” and confirm that the sale has been legally completed. ABORDimmo will be there to translate and explain. At this time the keys will be handed to the buyer.

There are of course exceptions to any rule. If the purchase is subject to a mortgage and the lender refuses to advance the mortgage then there is a clause in the Compromis that will cancel the sale.

ABORDimmo will be with you at every step.